A big part of being involved with RAD was the chance to perform at events. We have been involved in a huge variety of local events and festivals, including Conisbrough Music Festival, Eastwood Fun Fest and Rotherham Pride, as well as performing at larger events like Willowman Festival (2018) and playing in front of a 10,000 strong crowd at a Rotherham United football match! Sadly the main group has had to close now but we had some wonderful times together. Hopefully the group with learning and other difficulties may get the chance to perform sometime in the future.

“The Friends of Ulley Country Park involved the Rotherham African Drums in their Arts Festival in June and fully support them in developing their talents. The Drummers are an enthusiastic, professional and inclusive group that entertain brilliantly with a lot of positive attitude in their performances. They have a good reputation locally and we hope to use them again at future events in the Park. ” – Paul Nash, Secretary, Friends of Ulley Country Park

” RAD have contributed admirably toward the Wath Festival since we became aware of them several years ago. Their inclusivity, community spirit and infectious attitude make them an automatic choice for our event.” – David Adnitt, Trustee, Dearne Culture Trust

“Rotherham African Drums bring an energy with them that is priceless. Not only do they develop the skills, confidence and ability of its members but also give much needed joyful engagement for our communities. The group work so hard to make sure that inclusivity is at the forefront of their work. I would recommend the group to anyone wanting to drum up some excitement .” – Vicky Hilton, Community Organiser, Rotherham Federation of Communities